Do Re Mi Fa So  LA LA LA  Ti Do!


Some things just can't be explained.  Like Love.

But - they can be expressed.  


Did music or language come first to say I Love You?  

LaLaLove proposes the answer lies deep in your soul's refrain, acclaimed by many as Music's ultimate source.  


Music and melody are powerful.


Your heart is genius.


Think of LaLaLove as your very own human heart interface.

LaLaLove will create your very own personalized song for Yours Truly -

be it your soulmate, best friend, parent, grandparent, sibling, child, minister -Love infinitum.  


From our brainchild to your heartchild, the eternal treasure of music & song celebrates I Love You to the ends of the Earth.


IM Violin LLLWeb.jpg

All across the Universe, songs await your heart's election.

Off to a gig web.jpg

The LaLaLove roster of writers and musicians spans far & wide. As former studio and touring musicians, they have worked with Led Zeppelin to Imogen Heap, The Temptations to the Boston Pops, formerly wrote lead sheets for jazz standards, arranged pop/rock songs for string quartet and penned musical love letters for children and Romeo Juliets alike and in love.